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Do you want your kids to have the best start in life? At Nick Sheptooha dental practice we make dental check-ups fun for all the family!

Mums and Dads visit our practice all the time and wonder when they should start bringing their children to the practice to begin check-ups. It is never too early (or too late) in life to begin caring for your teeth and as soon as your child has the emergence of their milk (primary) teeth we can start visits. It is at this time we can start developing good dental habits for your children and see if any early orthodontic issues are identified.

Your child’s milk teeth play a vital role in their dental development, as they help your children:

By bringing your child in early helps us track their dental development and treat any issues as they arise, before they become problematic. Early intervention can play a vital role in helping your child maintain good oral health and build strong doctor-patient relationships to eliminate or quell any dental fear early.

Preventive care

Preventive care is beneficial to patients of all ages and should begin as early as possible. It is essential that all members of your family are educated in the techniques required to attain good dental health, such as brushing twice daily and flossing at least once a day.

A home away from home

At Nick Sheptooha Dental Practice we love kids, so we strive to make their visit as fun and educational as possible. We will make it a “fun” learning experience with goody bags designed around their dental needs and “rides” on the dental chair. Your family will feel right at home in our warm, relaxing atmosphere with staff who love kids.

Waiting can be the worst thing to a child, and knowing this we have set up a great area for your child to be entertained while you receive treatment. To help your child feel happy and occupied while waiting, we have a special play area filled with toys, games, colouring in books, DVDs and a PlayStation, all under the watchful supervision of our Blue Card Staff Member.

At Nick Shepthooha Dental Practice we believe everyone should have a healthy smile, including kids!

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