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Individualised Comprehensive Treatment

We fully recognise there is no one element that dominates a beautiful smile, and instead incorporate a range of elements to enhance your oral health…

To give you a radiant, natural-looking smile we have to take a holistic approach to assessing and treating your oral health. We look at aesthetics and function and their dependant relationship on each other, in order to give you an effective, customised solution tailored to you. This is why our individualised comprehensive treatment is crucial to giving you the dental health and smile you desire.

At Nick Sheptooha Dental Practice in Brisbane, we know there is no ‘magical treatment’ that suits every smile, and is why we dedicate ourselves to assessing each smile thoroughly to understand your fundamental needs. We combine a mixture of care, high quality treatment and financial plans to ensure you gain what you need without breaking the bank or compromising on quality.

Collaborative Care

We are not going to just tell you what you need with no regard for what you want. At your consultation, we actually listen to you and allow your needs drive the process. We are the professionals who combine dental science with art to provide quality solutions. Together, we’ll make sure you are happy with the result.

Staged Treatment

When we put together our plan a number of elements dictate the way we carry out the treatment. Some procedures may be more involved and take a number of appointments to complete. For more complex treatments we understand that budget may pose an issue. In both cases, we can map out a plan of treatment that can take 3 months, 6 months, a year; all depending on your financial needs.

Interest free Payment Plans

We have worked with GE Finance Australia Pty Ltd for a number of years and knowing that some treatment plans are expensive, when approved by GE Finance we can offer a 12 month interest free payment plan for you. You will be able to enjoy your newly created treatment immediately.

By keeping all these elements in mind and using these as protocols for every visit, we can help ensure you have the best experience possible and gain dental attention you need. At Nick Sheptooha Dental Practice, we have your needs in mind.

To learn more about the payment plans we offer, click here.

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Individualised Comprehensive Treatment Individualised Comprehensive Treatment Individualised Comprehensive Treatment
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