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Sedation dentistry – what is it and who needs it?

Is the dentist one of your worst nightmares? Does a simple check-up make you shiver? It is not uncommon to have anxiety when visiting the dentist. Your anxiety should not compromise your health and this is where sedation dentistry can be an effective tool.

Dental clinics like Nick Sheptooha offer a variety of techniques and treatments to minimise discomfort and anxiety, ensuring you are looked after and get the help you need. Sedation dentistry is one tool that can be used for all kinds of procedures, even simple teeth cleans.

There are several kinds of sedation dentistry but the most common and easy to use is nitrous oxide. Odourless and colourless, the treatment is often referred to as “happy gas”. Using a gas mask, the patient can feel relax and sedated in a few minutes, ready for treatment. Local anaesthetic may be used on the area being treated to numb it to ensure there is no additional pain during or after as well but is not always necessary. Once completed, pure oxygen is used to remove the effects of the sedation so you can go about your day like normal.

Sedation dentistry is safe and effective for lots of people. Whether you have a low pain threshold, sensitive teeth, a lot of work being done or are simply a little anxious, it can be a great tool that makes the experience stress free.

Nick Sheptooha is a Brisbane dentist that has the option of sedation dentistry for clients. If you are looking for the best dentists in Brisbane’s CBD, look no further than Nick Sheptooha. We are proud to offer a friendly, professional service, including the option of sedation dentistry for those who may find dental work distressing. Book online to organise a consultation!

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Sedation dentistry – what is it and who needs it? Sedation dentistry – what is it and who needs it? Sedation dentistry – what is it and who needs it?
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