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Your smile is yours for life and we know you want to keep it looking as healthy as possible. At Nick Sheptooha Dental Practice, we believe everyone deserves to enjoy having a healthy, beautiful smile, and we provide the services and advice to help you maintain your natural teeth for life.


In addition to six-monthly check-ups for a thorough examination and clean, a good oral hygiene regime is vitally important in helping you maintain healthy teeth and gums.

Your dental check-up

On every six-monthly visit, we will conduct a thorough screening for oral cancer and check your teeth, gums and occlusion (bite). Every two years, we will take digital x-rays of your teeth and compare your mouth to your previous visit. That way we can detect any advances in decay or gum disease and any other abnormalities as early as possible to reduce treatment time and cost.


Our top tips for preventive care

– Good oral hygiene not only makes your teeth and gums feel fresh and vibrant but also provides the basic foundation for lifelong dental health.

Our top tips for healthy teeth and gums are:

– Use a soft toothbrush with rounded bristles to minimise tooth abrasion and erosion.

– You need to replace your toothbrush every three to four months, or after an illness, to effectively minimise your risk of dental disease.

– Brush twice daily – both morning and night. This removes plaque accumulation that builds up during the day.

– Use toothpaste with fluoride. Fluoride is fantastic for teeth in small quantities, and helps strengthen and brighten them!

– Floss once daily to remove any food debris stuck between the teeth that would otherwise cause damage to the teeth and gums.

– Visit us every six months so we can assess your smile in depth and clean away any tartar that cannot be removed by brushing alone.

– Attend periodontal check-ups to ensure any gum disease is identified and treated before it becomes problematic or severe.

– Have oral cancer screenings – oral cancer can be deadly so it is very important to take note of any sores that do not go away within two weeks and have regular oral cancer screenings.

– Avoid tobacco products and excessive alcohol use – both these consumables have been linked directly to causing or exacerbating oral cancer.


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