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Dental treatments to rejuvenate your look and your confidence

A beautiful smile can make you look and feel years younger as well as enhance your confidence and self-image. These are important qualities throughout all stages of life and at Nick Sheptooha Dental Practice in Brisbane we strive to help you maintain your smile and your self-esteem.

As well as making your teeth look aesthetically exceptional, we pride ourselves in ensuring your teeth maintain complete healthy function. We restore fractured, chipped or cracked teeth to their former glory and we educate you on how to best maintain your smile in between visits.

Our dental services…

At Nick Sheptooha Dental Practice we are committed to providing the best for our patients, which is why we use a wide range of treatments to ensure our patients’ smiles are healthy and beautiful. Our dental services include:

Our comprehensive approach allows us to enhance all aspects of your smile…

We are dedicated to helping our patients achieve their very best smiles, and use a wide range of dental treatments that can be used separately or in combination to achieve optimal results. By encompassing a wide range of dental techniques and using advanced technology, at Nick Sheptooha Dental Practice we are able to offer our patients state-of-the-art dental care.

We believe all our patients should have a beautiful, functional and healthy smile so they can retain their teeth through all stages of life. By coupling the expertise of Dr Nick Sheptooha with the latest dental technology and treatments, we can help you achieve the very best results.

Making a difference…

Why live with a smile that impacts your confidence and your life? We have a wide range of cosmetic, general and restorative treatments and can enhance the look and function of any smile, no matter how ‘beyond hope’ it seems! Situated in the heart of Brisbane, Nick Sheptooha Dental Practice demands exceptional results completed to the highest levels of comfort and with total, personalised service.

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